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Our course list

This course consists of 12 modules, each of which deals with a different body system. Through the Anatomy course you will learn the main parts and functions of systems in the human body.


This course consists of 5 modules that contain some theoretical information about the principles of merchandising, followed by an assessment aimed at comprehensive practical application of knowledge. This course is ideal for pharmacy staff who want to improve their pharmacy’s sales and turnover through effective merchandising.

Customer care:

This course consists of 5 modules, also each with its own assessment. The aim of this course is to improve staff’s communication with internal and external customers, and also to provide better and more efficient service to customers.


Drug Wise:
This course consists of 8 modules and will provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to identify, understand and assist in the treatment of drug addiction.

Immunization and injections:

This course consists of 9 modules and will provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and practical skills to perform IM and SC injections.

Introduction to finance:

This course consists of 6 modules and covers the basic financial statements used in business, such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and budgets.

Introduction to selling
This course consists of five modules covering basic selling skills needed in a retail pharmacy.